Volume Upcharge Guidelines - EgapGO

Guidelines for Calculating the Volume Upcharge

We are in the process of revising (simplifying) how to calculate the 100” for non-measurable items. If you plan to buy grocery items, kindly contact us for the latest methodology.

When your account has exceeded the 100 linear inches, a volume upcharge will usually need to be applied. Determination of when your account exceeds 100” is at the discretion of EgapGO. We will share feedback on the basis for our customers’ future reference. You are always welcome to request a quote in advance.

If your account exceeds the 100", all volume upcharges will be waived if the total number of packages for your account in one Sailing is 10 or less and none of the packages are “large” (one shipping dimension is ≤ 30” or the shipping weight is ≤ 30 pounds).

In our experience, customers who are buying more than 3-4 of the same type of items, buying larger than a standard size of packaging, or buying “boxed” items tend to exceed the 100” allowance for the qualification of our standard fee.

This page is meant as a guide to help our customers understand how they will be charged if their account exceeds the 100". The volume upcharges mentioned below only apply if your account exceeds the 100" and doesn’t meet the 10 packages (subject to the 30”/30lbs criteria) exemption.

There are 3 Options Available to Calculate the Volume Upcharge

Flat Fee - generally, our assessment of the volume upcharge is a flat fee of 50% of the standard consolidation and shipping fee for each 50” (or part thereof) over 100”

Additional Package Fee - a fixed charge based on the number of packages in your account over 10 and/or over 30” or 30 pounds (details will be available when you have exceeded the 100”)

Detailed Calculation - we use three means to calculate the upcharge: Loose, Boxed, and/or Other Items. The assessment is across all products you are shipping for one Sailing, not on an order, merchant, or brand basis.

Below we explain how the Detailed Calculation Methodology works for those customers who prefer this option.

Detailed Calculation Methodology


Loose Items - based on the quantity purchased.

The actual quantity bought - if your merchant (more common with Amazon or Costco) is selling something as 2 or 4 pack as one item you put in your cart, we consider that as 2 or 4 items, respectively. These types of purchases are generally labeled on the product pack or the product description as such.

Size of the container - products purchased that are larger than the standard sizes below, will be converted to these standard sizes to determine how many units of each “item” were purchased (each item in blue is taken together, irrespective of the brand or flavor).

For the standard size of any product not above or non-grocery items like, pet food, candles, books, linens, etc. please contact us.

The amounts of the upcharge for loose items are below. The first four units are not subject to an upcharge as they are considered to have shipped under the standard fee.

If a customer who has exceeded the 100” has bought 3 of most items instead of 4, which would mean we could not apply the above upcharge table, the above table will be shifted so only 1-2 units are $0).

The rates in the above table do not apply to the below two categories of items.

Laundry Detergent/Fabric Softener/Cleaning Products* – purchase of more than 1 container (powder, liquid, or pods, irrespective of the size (*for cleaning products, the standard size is 32oz).

The purchase of a second and each additional container in one Sailing will result in an automatic laundry surcharge of HKD 20 per container.

Wipes (any kind) – purchase of more than 1 pack (irrespective of the size)

The purchase of a second and each additional pack of any wipes in one Sailing will result in an automatic wipes upcharge of HKD 20 per pack.

Boxed Items - in the case of any item sold at retail in packaging that it is easy to calculate the linear inches (like footwear’s shoe box), linear inches will be the basis. Examples, of what we consider boxed grocery items include diapers, a box of small packs of chips/snacks, multiple boxes of cereal, boxed drinks, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. It should be noted when you purchase boxed items, they tend to use up your 100” allowance very quickly, as well as, the 50” basis to apply volume upcharge (applied at 50% of the standard fee for each 50" or part thereof).

To determine the linear inches of boxed items, scroll down on the website of the product details to find the shipping dimensions to calculate the linear inches (height + width + depth).

Other Items - if the item is not loose and the dimensions are not easily calculated (boxed), the determination of the linear inches will be at discretion of EgapGO.

Below are some examples of the application of the above principles (when your account has exceeded the 100").

These days there are so many sizes of packaging. We hope the above gives you an idea of the spirit of how the volume upcharge will be determined when needed. Each customer/Sailing will be looked at on a case-by-case basis and a common-sense approached applied.

So, for example:

  • If you are a few ounces over one of standard sizes, we will round down in our calculations.
  • If you order 10 packs (5 sticks each) of chewing gum, we will not apply a volume surcharge.
  • If your account has a total of 10 or fewer packages in one Sailing and none of the packages are “large” (one shipping dimension is ≤ 30” or the shipping weight is ≤ 30 pounds), then no volume upcharges will be applied, they will be waived.
  • Waivers are at the discretion of EgapGO. However, to avoid surprises, assume if you order include purchases of more than 4 of the same type of item, larger than a standard size of packaging and/or boxed items, you have likely exceeded the 100” and will have an upcharge applied to your account to ship your products to HK. That is to say, a waiver for one type of product one month does not guarantee a waiver the next month unless the exact same items were ordered.

If you find the above a bit complicated (or tedious), we are offering an option for our customers to be charged on the actual number of packages (taking into account the size and weight as well) shipped to HK. If you are interested in exploring this charging option with us, kindly let us know before you order and we can provide more details on how this alternative charging mechanism would work. Under this alternative method, volume upcharge(s) would not need to be applied.