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7 July 2019
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21 July 2019
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Tips for Online Shopping: Product Reviews

There have been several reports over the last few years that Amazon sellers are paying to have positive reviews posted on their products listed on Amazon to increase sales because positive reviews can improve a product ranking and therefore visibility on the site when customers search for products. 

Research has shown that customers do read and rely on reviews when making purchasing decisions, so it is important that the review are accurate and legitimate so as not to mislead consumers.

One suggestion, not just on Amazon’s website, but any website is to look for a “confirmed or verified buyer” tag next to the review to make sure the review you are reading is from a real customer. Also, look at the way the review is written, is it written with good English, and is it a detailed description of why the product is being given the rating it has been given versus,  just “Great product!”

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