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​ I was looking to buy a rowing machine, but the official Hong Kong distributor wanted an outrageous price relative to standard US pricing. I investigated a few shipping options but ultimately decided on EgapGO as I was surprised to find this service both lower cost and better customer service: they were very responsive and helpful by email (in English!) and transparent on their costs/service levels. It was a last-minute purchase, but they were able to help me to meet the next package arrival cut-off date for the next boat within days -- and the rowing machine arrived at my door 5 weeks later.

I am so glad to have found EgapGO and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to ship a heavier item to Hong Kong. They have created a real niche service that needed to be filled for people living in HK who like to shop in the US and want affordable sea-based shipping for non-urgent or heavy items. I have recommended the service to several friends and am now a regular monthly user. Thanks, EgapGO!

Ken (Kowloon)

Our family really likes plant-based protein products which can be difficult to find in HK. Specifically, I have bought Lite Protein from another importer in the past, but they stopped carrying it.  I tried Amazon to ship it to HK but the package was refused delivery by their shipping agent.

Fortunately, I found EgapGO. The price of their consolidation & shipping services are very reasonable, they have fixed monthly shipments and the customer service is amazing.  I have shipped three times already and become a VIP Member.  A very satisfied customer!

Robbie (Kowloon)

I have used EgapGO’s services several times over the past year to get products like skin & hair care products, candles, protein powders and bars, vitamins/supplements and quinoa from the US.  It is great because I can buy from multiple vendors for one low fixed fee to ship it to Hong Kong.

The selection of brands is so much better in the States and you know you can count on the quality.  Of course, the prices are more reasonable, even more so when there are promotions.  With EgapGO, I can order the things I want from the US a few times during the year and not worry about expensive shipping costs.  The process is so easy:  register, shop and submit your order confirmations and everything is delivered to your door. In addition, their customer service is amazing, very responsive.  You feel like they really care about their customers.

So happy there is a more affordable option to ship from the US to HK now! I highly recommend EgapGO for your shipping needs from US to HK.

Lee (TKO)

I recently shipped with EgapGO. I wanted to order from several different US online merchants, so I found their fixed pricing model which allows you to consolidate from multiple merchants let me shop how I wanted and ship my purchases to the US in a more affordable manner, especially since I did not have to worry about the weight.

Recommend EgapGO if you want to shop from multiple merchants.

M. Coote

With EgapGO’s consolidation and shipping services, I can order quality ingredients for my business from reputable merchants in the US and ship them to HK at a reasonable price.

With monthly shipments I can plan ahead and make sure I have the materials when I need them. I also purchased a Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine which would have been too heavy to ship via airfreight which has been invaluable for my business.

J. Cheung

I ordered a crib and mattress from PotteryBarn Kids (PBK). However, PBK would not ship them internationally. Luckily, I found EgapGO to arrange transportation from the US to HK for me.

Their staff coordinated with PBK to monitor the arrival of my furniture at their warehouse in the US to ensure it made the cutoff date for the sailing. Excellent service at a reasonable price!

B. Canto

I have a small business and like to provide my staff with the luxury of espresso coffee while they work. By buying the replacement brand Bestpresso’s coffee capsules from Amazon (certified to work in Original Line Machine), we can enjoy our Nespresso machine every day and not just on special occasions. EgapGOs shipping service makes this possible.

Thanks, EgapGO!

P. Tsang

​I love EgapGO’s service to buy nonperishable food and health and beauty aids, the brands and quality that are not available in Hong Kong.

No more bringing home empty suitcases or begging friends to bring me back things when they are traveling back to the States.

Now I can get the things I want/need all year long.

L.Bean (Eastern HK Island)

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Below are some examples of things our clients are buying from their favorite US online merchants!



Coffee Capsules


Celing Fan Mop

ceiling fan mop

Fireproof Bag

fireproof bag

Google Home Devices

google home

Kitchen Organizers

kitchen organizers

Toliet Paper

toilet paper

Smart Unbrella


Breakfast Cereal

breakfast cereal

Crib & Matress


Non Perishable Goods

salad and dressing

Sonic Care Air Flosser

sonic care





Tide Pods

tide pods

Kitchen Gadgets

kitchen gadgets

RFID Wallet

RFID wallet

Pet Food

pet food

TOMS Shoes

TOMS shoes

Toner & Ink Cartridges

toner or ink cartridges

Useful Tools

useful tools

Bath Linens

bath linens

Edge Board

edge board

Black Cube Fry Pan

fry pan

Girl Scout Cookies

girl scout cookies

Goo Gone

goo gone

Healthy Snacks

healthy snacks

Packing Cubes

packing cubes
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