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Select a category below to see examples of US online merchants you may be interested in shopping with. Of course, you may order from your own favorite! We have compiled some shopping tips for you as well.

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The Fine Print

Some of these websites need a VPN to access their US website (to ship to a US address).

EgapGO is not endorsing any of these companies or providing any guarantees on their products.

NOTE: We cannot consolidate and ship merchandise for you from any merchant that does not ship their merchandise in sealed cardboard shipping cases. One example is personal shopping services (e.g. InstaCart, WholeFoods (via Amazon website), ShipIt (via Target website)). Another example is a mattress, it must be shipped to our US warehouse in a box instead of just plastic wrapping.

Below are some examples of the type of things our clients are buying from their favorite US online merchants!