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Select a category below to see examples of US online merchants you may be interested in shopping with. Of course, you may order from your own favorite! We have compiled some shopping tips for you as well.

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Shopping Tips from EgapGO


  • Register – on your favorite merchants' website instead of checking out as a guest by saving your shipping and billing address for future purchases from the US to HK, and/or use PayPal to expedite the checkout process.
  • Electrical Products – the US uses a different voltage and has a different plug, so consider carefully before buying electronics that plug into the wall, electronics that charge via USB should be fine
  • Chocolate – we cannot guarantee the quality if you buy and ship solid chocolate items from the US to HK.
  • Glass & Fragile Items – for products made of glass, dishes, products sold in glass containers, fragile equipment, etc. we cannot guarantee they will not be damaged during the international transportation because we cannot control how they are packed. We suggest you check directly with the merchant on their assurances if you were to buy and ship to Hong Kong (HK).

Getting Discounts on Your Purchases

  • New Customer – most websites offer you a discount on your "first" order if sign up for their mailing list (discount may only be available for a limited time like 30 days and you can only sign up once). You can always unsubscribe after you order to save your mailbox from excessive emails.
  • Mailing List – joining the mailing list is a good way to know when your favorite merchants are having discount promotions and sales (some only last one day so you need to be quick). ). It’s a good way to save money on items you’re shipping from the US to Hong Kong.
  • Leave an Item in Your Cart – close your website browser leaving items in your. If you have registered as a user for that merchant, many times they will email you and offer a discount or free shipping with no minimum order value to complete your purchase
  • Better Discounts – if you register an account with your favorite merchant, you tend to get better promotion offers than if you just sign up for the email distribution list. In addition, after your order, you also get more frequent invites for discounts to shop again.
  • Holiday Sales – almost every public holiday in the US is an excuse for a sale. The big ones are Memorial Day (May), Independence Day (July,) Labor Day (September), Black Friday/Cyber Monday (November) and Christmas (December). Check our shipping schedule for the exact dates this year, to get your items with our international shipping from the USA to Hong Kong for the best price.
  • Merchant Annual / Anniversary Sales – most merchants have one or two big sales based on their own calendar. If you are on their distribution lists you will be made aware of them and sometimes even get early access.

Non Perishable Goods

  • Canned Goods – soup, tuna, chicken, etc.
  • Vitamins – A thru Z, GC, daily multi-vitamin, etc.
  • Condiments – mayo, salad dressing, spices, hot sauce, etc.
  • Packaged Items – breakfast cereal, nutrition bars, salad croutons, tortilla shells, taco shells, etc.
  • Baby Items – diapers, wipes, cream, powder, etc.

Below are some examples of the type of things our clients are buying from their favorite US online merchants!