Shipping Schedule - EgapGO

Shipping Schedule

Check our calendar below for the package arrival cutoff date for the next sailing and the corresponding delivery date in the following month.

All dates are subject to change.


Cutoff Dates (in US)

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US holidays are in red for your easy reference

Delivery Dates (in HK)

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Sailing Cutoff
(in US)
Mon - Tues
(in HK)
August 18 Aug 5 - 6 Oct
September 22 Sep 9 - 10 Nov
October (Xmas Sailing) 27 Oct 🎄 14 - 15 Dec 🎄
November 17 Nov 4 - 5 Jan
December 22 Dec 9 - 10 Feb
Note we have temporarily added in an additional week to the timelines above to factor in the reduction in the number and frequency of vessels departing each week from the US as there is lower demand for export volume due to less manufacturing as a result of the significant impact of COVIT-19.

Dates are Subject to Change

The above dates are best estimates and we intend to do everything possible to stick to them, but they are subject to change.

Sometimes things out of our control may require us to make adjustments to the above dates. EgapGO will keep our clients who sign up for our mailing list (for the next sailing) and registered users (for the current sailing) informed of any changes / updates.

EgapGO is not liable for "damages" due to any change or typos in the above shipping schedule.