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  • Not to ship anything that is illegal to export from the US/import into HK. If the merchandise is for resale in HK, you have the authority/permits to sell in HK. If licensees or permits are required for exportation or importation purposes, the cost will be borne by me.
  • To check the Shipping Schedule before placing an order with an online merchant. If some of my packages arrive after the current package arrival cut-off date, they will be shipped to HK the following month and a separate fee will be charged for using a second Sailing.
  • To provide a complete list of products and their values you would like shipped to HK by forwarding to EgapGO the order confirmation(s) and delivery tracking number(s) as soon as each email is received from the merchant. If the order confirmation(s) are not received by us before your package(s) arrive at our US warehouse, the package(s) may be rejected by our US warehouse operator.
  • To pay the agreed Consolidation & Shipping Fee before delivery of my packages to me in HK.
  • To instruct the online merchant to ship my order to the US warehouse address (attention of EgapGO referencing my Box Number) provided in the registration confirmation email. All items must be delivered in boxes, capable of being shipped (e.g. grocery bags are not acceptable).
  • I have reviewed and am aware of the surcharges that may apply to my shipment (FAQ Page - under pricing).
  • I am over 18 years old.
  • If you would like a copy of these Terms & Conditions, please contact us to request a copy. Personal data collected above will only be used to arrange delivery of your packages to you.