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The Standard Fee for Our Services

Consolidation and Overseas Shipping Rates

HKD 350 per Sailing

(we currently sail once a month from the USA to Hong Kong)

Our fees cover shipping international cargo for up to 100 linear inches of products at reasonable prices (e.g. we don’t care about the size of the box your merchant ships your products in).

Imagine how many items you can put in a US sized shopping cart. That is how much you can ship to HK for HKD 350, our standard overseas shipping price.

Our overseas cargo shipping prices cover all costs from the time your package arrives at our US warehouse to delivery to your door in HK.

Note: local delivery surcharges may need to be added to our overseas cargo shipping prices in certain situations for example deliveries to Outlying Islands, Walk-Ups, Larger Packages, Bulk Purchasing, No Available Free Parking, etc.

If you expect your cargo will be of a more significant volume or have larger/heavier/non-standard sized item(s) (for example, if one of the shipping dimensions is greater than or equal to 30" (76.2 cm) and/or the shipping weight is greater than or equal to 30 lbs (13.6 kgs), the international cargo shipping costs may be greater than our standard price. Please contact our team for a quote on the overseas shipping price to Hong Kong.

See the FAQ (Pricing Section) for additional information regarding international cargo shipping rates and the application of surcharges.

Available Discounts


See the FAQ for additional terms and conditions for discounts.

Discounts and promo codes cannot be “stacked” (combined) - the highest discount will only be applied once.

Also, discounts can only be applied when a customer is shipping under the Standard Fee (e.g 100 linear inches).

The Standard Consolidation & Shipping Fee is subject to change on future shipments.