The Standard Fee for Our Services

(Consolidation and Overseas Shipping)

is $300 / Sailing*

*The "Consolidation & Shipping Fee":
  • is for up to a linear dimension of 90", that is the size of two boxes (15"L + 15"H + 15"W)
  • covers an unlimited number of packages / merchants as long as the 90" is not exceeded.
  • does not include domestic delivery to our warehouse in the US (which is usually free if you meet a designated minimum order value set by your merchant)

See the FAQ (Pricing Section) for additional information regarding international cargo shipping including prices, and extra costs for import / export permits on such items as tech devices with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities and insurance coverage for high value items).

If you expect your cargo will be of a more significant volume or larger / non standard size merchandise (for example, it doesn’t fit in a standard American-sized shopping cart), please contact our team for further information regarding shipping rates and additional costs.


Available Discounts

*Please note, discounts and promo codes cannot be “stacked” (combined) - the highest discount will only be applied once.

The standard Consolidation & Shipping Fee is subject to change on future shipments.