International Shipping Prices HK | Affordable Overseas Cargo Costs



The Standard Fee for Our Services

(Consolidation and Overseas Shipping)

is $300 (HKD)/Sailing*

*The "Consolidation & Shipping Fee":
  • is for up to a linear dimension of 100", the volume of two boxes (25"L + 25"H + 25"W).
  • covers an unlimited number of products/merchants as long as the 100" is not exceeded.
  • does not include domestic delivery to our warehouse in the US (which is usually free if you meet a designated minimum order value set by your merchant).
  • includes delivery to our door in HK

Note to calculate the 100", we are only considering the size a product is when you pick it up off the shelf at a retail store, not the size of the probably larger box Amazon would ship it to you in.

To help visualize this, an American standard shopping cart can hold approximately 60 linear inches in its main basket area. This means if all your purchases will fit in a shopping cart, you will definitely be within our affordable standard consolidation & overseas shipping fee getting your items from the USA to Hong Kong at the best price.

See the FAQ (Pricing Section) for additional information regarding international cargo shipping including prices, extra costs for import / export permits on such items as tech devices with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities and surcharges for local deliveries in certian situations.

If you expect your cargo will be of a more significant volume or larger or non standard size (for example, if one of the shipping dimensions is greater than or equal to 30" (76.2 cm) or the weight is greater than or equal to 30 lbs (13.6 kgs), please contact our team for a quote for our affordable overseas shipping services to Hong Kong.


Available Discounts

See the FAQ for additional terms and conditions.

Discounts and promo codes cannot be “stacked” (combined) - the highest discount will only be applied once. Also, discounts can only be applied when a customer is shipping under the Standard Fee (e.g 100 linear inches).

The standard Consolidation & Shipping Fee is subject to change on future shipments.

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