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29 December 2019
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12 January 2020
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Featured Product: Rowing Machine

One of our customers recently shipped a rowing machine with us.

The official Hong Kong distributor for this brand of rowing machine wanted an “outrageous” price for this piece of equipment relative to standard US pricing.

The machine weighs 30 kgs so you can imagine the cost to airfreight it to HK would have wiped out any savings from the US pricing.  Furthermore, something this big would not have fit in his luggage on a trip back from the States.

He was so happy to find our consolidation and shipping services so he could buy the rowing machine at the US price then ship it to HK for a reasonable cost.   The additional time on the water was well worth the overall savings. This customer has written a testimonial for his experience using our services.  You can see his and others on our website.

Best of all, now he can exercise in the convenience of his home.

Thanks to our satisfied customer for sharing!  If you would like to share what you have bought/your experience using our service with our other customers, please feel free to submit a photo to us for future issues of our News!

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