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26 January 2020

Featured Category: Baby Equipment

Featured Category: Baby Equipment Anyone who has ever shopped for baby things in HK knows they are very expensive, especially if you want branded products, you […]
5 January 2020

Featured Product: Rowing Machine

Featured Product: Rowing Machine One of our customers recently shipped a rowing machine with us. The official Hong Kong distributor for this brand of rowing machine […]
15 December 2019

Featured Category: General Sporting Goods

Featured Category: General Sporting Goods There are plenty of sporting goods stores in HK.  But do they carry the products you need and at the price […]
24 November 2019

Featured Product: Protein Whey

Featured Product: Protein Wey Plant-based Protein products can be hard to find in HK.  If you can find them they are more expensive (even more so […]
3 November 2019

Featured Category: Footwear for the Rain

Featured Category: Footwear for the Rain It has not been too rainy yet here in HK, but if you are looking for rain shoes to keep […]
13 October 2019

Featured Product: Candles

Featured Product: Candles One of our customers uses our services to periodically ship scented candles to HK, which she loves to burn in her home.  Since […]
22 September 2019

Featured Category: Luggage

Featured Category: Luggage Heading out for a vacation this summer?  Has your luggage become a bit worn and tattered looking? Why not shop for your replacement […]
1 September 2019

Featured Product: Sketchers

Featured Product: Sketchers Several of our customers get their Sketchers shoes from the US, through Sketchers’ US online store.  The regular prices on their website are […]
11 August 2019

Featured Category: Bed & Bath Linens

Featured Category: Bed & Bath Linens Looking for quality linens, bed or bath?Or even looking for a better choice of patterns or colors (we are talking […]
21 July 2019

Featured Product: Nutrition Products

Featured Product: Nutrition Products One of our customers likes the plant-based nutrition products available at Vega. Their products are gluten-free, have no grains, artificial flavors or […]