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25 June 2019

Amazon Prime Day Announced

Amazon Prime Day Announced Amazon has confirmed the 2019 Prime Day will be 15- 16 July. And the best news is it will last 48 hours […]
16 June 2019

Amazon Energy and Environment Benefit

At Amazon, they are putting their scale and inventive culture to work on sustainability not only because it is good for the environment, but also for the customer.
5 May 2019

Why Amazon is expanding shipping and logistics services

Will Amazon dominate the future of domestic shipping in the USA?
21 April 2019

The 10 Worst Things to Buy on Amazon

Amazon seems like the ideal place to buy everything, perhaps not?
24 March 2019

Are You Getting Everything You Should Out of Your Prime Membership?

Check out these 27 Amazon Prime benefits you may not be aware of.
27 January 2019

Amazon Prices’ Change Multiple Times a Day

Are Amazon’s algorithms feeding unsustainable price cuts?
6 January 2019

“I ordered from Amazon and got a box from Walmart”

A lesson to learn, everything on Amazon is not always the lowest price. Amazon has Prime, great service and an easy to use website, but it […]
23 December 2018

Have you noticed some changes in Amazon Prime?

You are not the only one.  It appears Amazon is slowly adjusting what is eligible for prime benefits so it benefits Amazon
16 December 2018

I ordered the same items from Amazon and Walmart to see which site does it better

Amazon vs Walmart, which store gives you the better deal?
11 November 2018

Amazon: Fact vs Fiction

Find out the 10 biggest myths about Amazon.