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What Is Bulk Cargo Shipping?

A bulk carrier or freighter is a specially designed merchant ship used to transport various bulk cargo. Cargo ships are frequently used throughout the world to safely transport goods from one country to another.

Bulk cargo shipping allows customers to ship larger quantities of goods, such as baby products like diapers, clothes, non-perishable goods and goods for resale in HK. At EgapGO, our bulk cargo services provides several benefits, including flexibility, cost efficiency, and a predictable schedule.

Why Use Our Bulk Cargo Shipping Service?

Advantages of Using EgapGo’s Bulk Cargo Shipping Service

  • We offer a cheap bulk shipping service from the United States to Hong Kong, especially in providing great value for the safe transportation of cargo across the globe.
  • Upcoming event? Special occasion? Having a bulk cargo shipping schedule means our company can assure a smooth delivery is available three months in advance, enabling you to prepare shopping for birthdays, holidays, and other gifts.
  • With our bulk cargo shipping service, there’s no need to retrieve your bulk packages - instead, revel in delivery straight to your door.
  • Using a bulk carrier has fewer shipping restrictions than using air freight (e.g. Wi-Fi / Bluetooth devices, batteries, products with certain chemicals, etc.).
  • Only register once on our site - there’s no need to keep coming back to update order information or arrange deliveries, we’ll follow up and take care of everything.
  • EgapGO assures a personalised, thoughtful and attentive service - we pride ourselves in knowing all of our customers by their first names.

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