The EgapGO Blog

17 March 2019

Buy Your Non-Perishable Goods Online

Online grocery delivery is expected to explode in the US. Why not let EgapGO help you get what you want?
10 March 2019

One more product of 3D printing: supply chain disruption

How will 3D printing change how we buy things
3 March 2019

Virtual Credit Card Numbers Cut Fraud Risk

A safer way to shop on online?
24 February 2019

Laundry detergent or boxed wine? How e-commerce is changing packaging

Different packaging for online vs retail sales, more environmentally friendly and lighter weight for less costs.
17 February 2019

U.S. retail sales expected to top $3.8 trillion in 2019: (NFR)

Retail sales are expected to be healthy according to a National Retail Federation Report
10 February 2019

How Retail Reacts as Shipping and Snail Mail Gets Pricier

Shipping prices are rising, how will online retailers react, passing the costs on to consumers?
3 February 2019

The End of Plastic Cutlery, Plates and Straws

EU is leading the fight against plastic pollution find out how
27 January 2019

Amazon Prices’ Change Multiple Times a Day

Are Amazon’s algorithms feeding unsustainable price cuts?
20 January 2019

Miss Quality Sheets with Designs/Patterns You Would Want in Your Bedroom?

Brooklinen vs Parachute sheets: How 2 of the most popular bedding startups stack up?
13 January 2019

That sweater you don’t like is a trillion-dollar problem for retailers.

All those online returns creates a huge problem for land fills. See how some companies are addressing this problem