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About Us

We set up EgapGO because we want everyone to be able to have access to the variety and quality of products available from American websites without having to pay exorbitant air freight charges.

Every year, we go back home to visit our family with empty suitcases, spending our vacation time shopping for products we can’t find or are so overpriced here.

Or we bother our friends who are traveling to the US for business or pleasure to bring back “a few” items for us in their suitcase.

Not anymore!

Now we don’t have to wait to go home (or our friends to go to the States) to get the products we want, at the prices we want. You can get them any time of the year, with a little advance planning.

EgapGO brings together people to make shipping by ocean freight a viable option to “get what you want!”. See which online merchants are popular and types of products others are ordering .

Register today! Then you can start your shopping anytime.

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