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A Simple Process to
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Your Online Purchases Delivered to You in HK

  • 1. Register Online

    Register to create an account with us and receive our US warehouse address (shipping address to use when you order online) and your personal "Box Number".REGISTRATION

  • 2. Shop Your Favorite US Online Merchants

    Shop any online merchant in the US and provide our warehouse address (with your Box Number) as the shipping address. SHOPPING

  • 3. Forward Us Your Purchase Details

    Send the merchant's order confirmation, then the delivery tracking number to EgapGO upon receipt. MORE

  • 4. Delivery of Your Purchases to Your Door!

Watch our video to see how easy it is!


Next Cut-Off* and Delivery Dates

(*Please note, this package arrival cut-off date is at our US warehouse.)

Cut-off Dates (in US)

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US holidays are in red for your easy reference.

Delivery Dates (in HK)

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Sailing Cutoff
(in US)
Mon - Tues
(in HK)
(Holiday Sailing)
27 Oct 🎄 16 - 18 Dec 🎄 (W-F)
November 17 Nov 4 - 6 Jan
December 22 Dec 8 - 10 Feb
January 19 Jan 8 - 10 Mar
February 16 Feb 7 - 9 Apr (W-F)
March 23 Mar 3 - 5 May
Note we have temporarily added in an additional week to the timelines above to factor in the reduction in the number and frequency of vessels departing each week from the US as there is lower demand for export volume due to less manufacturing as a result of the significant impact of COVIT-19.

Why Use Our Services?

Advantages of Using EgapGO’s Affordable Package Consolidation & Shipping Services to Hong Kong

Flat, Fixed Fee

know your shipping costs in advance and know they will be more affordable, for larger packages you can request a quote

Weight is Not a Factor

don’t worry about buying too much, weight is generally not a factor with our affordable package consolidation via ocean freight

Monthly Shipments

shipping schedule is available 3+ months in advance for easy planning for shopping for birthdays and holidays

More Environmentally Friendly

shipping all your packages once a month via ocean freight, your carbon footprint is less than via air freight

Shop Multiple Merchants

ship packages from as many merchants as you want for our standard fee for affordable overseas shipping to Hong Kong

Fewer Restrictions

there are fewer, if any restrictions, for shipping liquids, devices with batteries, aerosols, products with certain chemicals, etc.

Delivery to Your Door

no need to retrieve your packages from a storage locker, enjoy delivery to your door through consolidated shipments to Hong Kong

Register Only Once on Our Site

no need to go back to our website to update order information or arrange deliveries, we’ll follow up and take care of everything

Frequent Shipper Program

ship routinely with us and become a frequent or VIP shipper, eligible for a discounted rate

Great Customer Service

we provide personalized, caring, attentive package consolidation service to Hong Kong and we know all our customers by name


A Few Words from Our Satisfied Customers

Where Can You Shop?

With our affordable package consolidation services to HK, you can ship from over 100 merchants.
To order your desired products from any of our favorite merchants – simply click View All to browse more than 100 stores. You can also shop from any of your preferred stores not listed on our website to take advantage of our consolidation shipping services to Hong Kong.

Please note we do not endorse any of these merchants nor offer guarantees on their products.

What's the Next Step?

Register to get our US warehouse address then shop for all the things you miss from the USA.

We make a monthly consolidation shipment to Hong Kong. Simply check the Shipping Schedule for the package arrival cutoff date for this month's sailing.

Upon ordering, you'll receive a tracking number from your merchant that we will use to track the location of your parcel to our US warehouse.

Not to mention, by using our consolidated shipping services to Hong Kong, you’ll be saving a remarkable amount on delivery costs! Our prices are available on the Pricing Page, detailing our flat rate and quote options.

We also offer discounts for referrals, frequent shippers and VIPs.

For affordable international shipping, try EgapGO’s consolidation shipment service to ship your packages to Hong Kong at a more affordable price today.