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A Simple Process to
Get Affordable Shipping to HK!

Your Online Purchases Delivered to You in HK

  • 1. Register Online

    Register to create an account with us and receive our US warehouse address (shipping address to use when you order online) and your personal "Box Number".REGISTRATION

  • 2. Shop Your Favorite US Online Merchants

    Shop any online merchant in the US and provide our warehouse address (with your Box Number) as the shipping address. SHOPPING

  • 3. Forward Us Your Purchase Details

    Send the merchant's order confirmation, then the delivery tracking number to EgapGO upon receipt. MORE

  • 4. Delivery of Your Purchases to Your Door!

Watch our video to see how easy it is!


Next Cut-Off* and Delivery Dates

(*Please note, this package arrival cut-off date is at our US warehouse.)

Cut-off Dates (in US)

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US holidays are in red for your easy reference

Delivery Dates (in HK)

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Sailing Cutoff
(in US)
(in HK)
June Tues
18 Jun
Thur - Fri
25 - 26 Jul
July Tues
23 Jul
Thur - Fri
29 - 30 Aug
August Tues
20 Aug
Thur - Fri
26 - 27 Sep
September Tues
17 Sep
Thur - Fri
24 - 25 Oct
October Tues
22 Oct
Thur - Fri
28 - 29 Nov
November Tues
12 Nov
Thur - Fri
19 - 20 Dec
December Tues
24 Dec
Thur - Fri
30- 31 Jan
January Tues
21 Jan
Thur - Fri
27-28 Feb

Why Use Our Services?

Advantages of Using EgapGO’s Affordable Package Consolidation & Shipping Services

  • Affordable package consolidation and shipping service from the United States to Hong Kong, especially for heavy items.
  • Ship packages from multiple merchants for one flat, fixed fee.
  • A monthly shipping schedule, available 3 months out for easy planning for shopping for birthdays and holidays.
  • No need to retrieve your packages from a storage locker - shop from US online merchants and enjoy delivery straight to your door.
  • Fewer restrictions on shipping items than air freight (e.g. Wi-Fi / Bluetooth devices, batteries, products with certain chemicals, etc.).
  • Know your shipping costs in advance, as these are not dependent on the final weight.
  • Only register once on our site - there’s no need to keep coming back to update order informationor arrange deliveries, we’ll follow up and take care of everything
  • We provide a personalized, caring, attentive service, we know all our customers by name
  • Ocean freight carbon emissions are less than airfreight (~4 times less -


A Few Words from Our Satisfied Customers

Where Can You Shop?

Select from some of our favorite merchants, or of course you may order from your own favorite.

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